I am ELONG, not the African “ELON MUSK”.

Let’s make it clear and simple. I appreciate Elon Musk but I don’t appreciate this annoying reference to someone else, generally white and American, to describe any single African tech talent. Just stop that.

We have our own names, I am Elong,not Elon.

For instance, some people seems to forget than Elon Musk IS African and became American Citizen.

Yes ,some Africans are white, and the sky is blue,welcome in the real world.

The “African whatsapp” , the “African Steve jobs”…etc. Imagine if we called paypal , the African Mobile Money, or Mark Zuckerberg, the Cameroonian Olivier Madiba. It sounds weird,right? There is still a strong and deep inferiority complex in Africa,less in tech than in other fields but it’s real. When we decided to extend our business activities in Europe and USA,most of my friends and followers were surprised.Some asked me why we don’t stay focused only on Africa. My answer is simple, When a US company wants to come in Africa no one ask them “Why they don’t stay in the US”.

We can do both.

It’s not because I am African that my business should stay only in Africa,the world is big and my dreams too.

If someone can move from America and Europe to get market shares in Africa, I can move from Africa to get market shares in Europe and USA. Don’t talk to me about competition, they are not better than us. We have the same skills(at least),they have the good ecosystem,we don’t. So we have two options,complain and wait or act and go where they are. Let’s fight the tech challenges with the same “weapons” in term of access to capital and R&D ressources.

By using this kind of media headlines talking about African tech with a foreign reference, you reinforce this complex of inferiority. Some people don’t give to Africans the voice and SPACE they deserve. I don’t want to be compared to a company not making profit just because the product is coming from America. Uber is not bankable but used as role model for tech startups. I don’t get that. Make serious profit,then you become a model,not before. I am not a model, I am hustling to be a model for my generation. Africans deserve Africans role models facing the same challenges.

So, if you are a journalist,please use our names to describe us, we love them.

If you are an entrepreneur, don’t try to “Become” the next XYZ.

Just try to become the better version of yourself,it should be enough to become a legend.

We are not here to be an exotic startup with some black folks coding, we are here to become the best in our field. Artificial intelligence and code don’t have a nationality. Let’s build a better world together my friends, it’s more about creativity than money.

Dream big,work Hard.


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