Aria models released !

After a few weeks of work with the technical support of Amazon and Reply team, we have been able to release our own LLM models named Aria.

Anyone can use them and download from our hugging face page. We strongly believe that open source is the way to go. Aria models are based on LLAMA 2 and Falcon models as base. We took advantage of our dataset to finetune models on French language to increase the writing accuracy and performance in european languages.

We really believe that closed source models are not the right way to go on the long run. Our vision is to allow organization to have model trained on their own data,running in a cloud hosted in Europe under GDPR compliance or on premise on their own infrastructure with cybersecurity measures.

Our main focus is increased performance on languages, more than 1000 projects are using Aria models currently around the globe.

We are inviting all community members to try, use and give us feedback. This is a tool for the world.

For technical support, you can reach out to us at

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